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Live Tracking for Event Organizers

April 16th, 2008 – Folsom, California – Today, TrackMe360 announced its “Live Tracking” solution for Event Organizers.  Based on the revolutionary SPOT (Satellite Personal Messenger) GPS safety and tracking device, the solution provides event organzers with the following:

  • One SPOT satellite tracker per team or person
  • Safety features: Ability to call for non-emergency (HELP button), and emergency (911 button) assistance during the event
  • Global coverage: SPOT uses satellite communications, so they work where cell phones don’t.
  • Tracking maps: The trackers will automatically update “live maps” of where the teams are and have been geographically, using Google Maps hosted by SPOT.

The system was first put to use at the 2008 SOLE Baja Travesia in March, and several other races will feature the system over the next few weeks.  Among them, Untamed Revolution, Desert Winds II, Florida Coast-to-Coast Challenge, Odyssey Wild and Wonderful, and Untamed New England.

The system is much more affordable than any other systems out there.  Pricing starts at $25 per team for short events (less than 30 hrs). Contact mats@trackme360.com for more information.

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